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Rosemary, Garlic and Salt

I heartgarlic. Massively. So much so that I will not complain about your garlic breath. Or worry about my own, for that matter.

My liking garlic began in childhood. I could easily consume half a baguette of garlic bread, and possibly more if there weren't others to share it with. However, I didn't truly become a garlic connoisseur until I made the kitchen my domain.

There are some ingredients my family can forgo a few days if we run out of it. But not garlic. Running out of garlic midweek means stopping everyone and everything, and road tripping it to the shops.  Without the garlic, a crucial ingredient to my meal plans, eating is just not the same. Garlic really is a magic ingredient.

Ditto to salt. Yeah, I love salt. But not in a crazy, let's thickly coat everything in so much salt that dinner looks like it got caught in a snow storm.

Salt is an important ingredient in my cooking, and is used wisely. How do I do this? By being in the habit of tasting the cooking as I go. Tha…

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