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The Weight of Her Hair

The little one wanted her hair to be short. In her words, 'to be like boys hair'. She doesn't have patience for brushing her own hair. Days would pass and then her mama would end up brushing the dreadlocked hair. So a hairdresser appointment was happily made.

I explained what the little one wanted, and the hairdresser said she would create a layered bob. Once she was done, the little one said 'shorter'. So, the surprised and hesitant hairdresser went even further with the chop and declared the little one to be brave. The guy who operated the hair salon was also awed by how short the do was turning out.

In this salon, in which the little one sat, there were full grown women, with heavily applied makeup and long tresses, wanting hair that shone more brightly than any other. The little one sat, taking her haircut most seriously, was more interested in being comfortable and carefree. She would not be satisfied with a sort-of-short-but-not-really do. She wanted a hairdo t…

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